So nice to meet you! 

I'm just a girl making friends and telling their love stories 

I believe that things happen for a reason & that this industry is my calling in life. 

I'm a very down to earth girl with such a big heart. I have 2 beautiful boys and an amazing husband who also assists me in every wedding. I love good coffee a good series and a new adventure. 

Every bride I work with becomes a friend to me and I  feel so honored to be apart of such a big day. I am not just a photographer on your wedding day but instead, I am anything you need. Most of all I am your biggest cheerleader! 

 Photography to me is a beautiful way of art, being creative & seeing things differently, creating and telling a story. My favorite thing is capturing someone in his or her own candid moment. 

When I photograph a wedding I believe

I am capturing memories knowing they

will live on for years to come even decades. 

I would absolutely love the opportunity to document your special day and if you have come so far I can not wait to hear your vision for your wedding day 

Please pop me a mail with all your details and let's start your journey.


Cell: 073 515 4935