Cara & JP

You can never be too sure about Kzn's weather, and with the Midlands even more so. Cara & JP's wedding was our last wedding for 2021 and it was so special. They got married at the beautiful Dargle Forest in Midlands. Surprisingly it was one of the coldest days, and super misty. But the views of the venue were endless. It's just such a cozy wedding venue with the most beautiful chapel inside the woods. Cara and JP are just such a sweet couple, so when Cara told me about Jp's accident I was so stunned. Jp was in a big car accident. Luckily he only hurt his leg and he had to wear a leg brace. With everything and the cold weather he was a champ and even danced a little longer for their first dance. They decided to play a game rather than doing a bouquet and garter toss which was so much fun. For their thank you gifts they gave little smores which was fitting with the cold weather.

Here are some magic moments of their misty midlands wedding