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Intimate wedding, elope or backyard wedding

You might think what's the difference right?

The wedding industry changed and there is so many options to go for.

At the end of the day its about you as a couple and what makes you happy.

Every wedding is different and tells a unique story. While traditional weddings will always be part of us and our culture, its nice to have all of them open and to see what fits you as a couple.

Intimate wedding

Intimate weddings is a small affair with up to 30 close friends and family.

Intimate weddings is nice because you feel more present and you get to spend more time with all the guests at your wedding. It allows you to really cut down and have your closest friends and family with you to witness you say your vows. Its budget friendly, you can spend more money on the things that's most important to you like the photographer, the catering or even your honeymoon.


Eloping was never this big, I think not everyone understood it completely. But this is a good option if you want to get married and have 2 witnesses present and say your vows on a mountain top or even Mauritius

Eloping is really about you as a couple and that you are getting married. Its adventurous and its about getting married to your person with 2 close friends or even 10 of your closest family members.

Backyard wedding

Having a backyard wedding can be just as chic and classy, its about the way you go about the idea and styling. First off hiring vendors that can transform your backyard into a magical space for your intimate vows.

Its so much more personal and it gives a personal touch to the story you envisioned.

With not having a venue you can spend more on things like flowers and décor .

Your wedding is what you want it to be, on a mountain top with 10 guests or a intimate wedding with 30 guests. Corona may have stolen a lot but don't let it steal your vision for your wedding