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Sonja & Alex

I met Sonja & Alex on their E - shoot. We went to the beach with their fur babies and we just talked, took some photos and afterward had some coffee and chatted some more. It honestly felt as if we knew each other forever. We were so comfortable with each other and that made me even more excited to document their story.

Alex and Sonja had their wedding in their hometown Dundee, so to them it was really special to have everyone witnessing their special day and to celebrate with them.

Sonja had her dress made by a very talented tannie Poppie, and she created magic with her dress.

After the ceremony we went on a 4x4 drive saw some giraffes which was so cool! We went to a little spot where Alex proposed to Sonja, it was quite bumpy to get there, but the views made it all worth it!

We did their shoot at that same spot which was just so special and romantic!

I loved being part of your journey and i loved documenting your story!

Dundee will be far too cold for me now but I will see you again on the beach!