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Things to consider when planning your wedding day timeline.

Wedding planning is exciting and some times challenging, right?

A lot of times it can feel overwhelming and stress full, but having some sort of timeline to work from can make you feel a lot more calmer and relaxed.

Now you might be wondering where do i even start with a timeline?

I am here to help you!

Having done a few weddings here are a few things to think about when planning your timeline.

Are you doing a first look?

First looks are becoming more and more popular. For some couples it kinda takes the stress of seeing each other in front of all the other guests and it creates a intimate moment before the ceremony

What time the ceremony will start.

Are you having a winter wedding, if so you need to think about light and what time the sun will be setting for couple portraits. Are you having a summer wedding? If so think about light, light is much harsher in summer then in winter times. When you have decided on a time for your ceremony it gives your photographer a timeframe to work from, meaning what time they need to be at the venue to do décor shots and prep of groom and bride.

Are you cutting your cake after the ceremony or during reception

This is a personal preference, but for some couples they like to do the cake cutting after the ceremony/ during canapes. So when we take of for photos the guests have something to do.

Would you like the first dances to happen before the mains or straight after?

Maybe you would like all the formalities to be done so that when guests had their mains they can go ahead and dance the night away.

Whenever I do a couple consultation these are always the questions I ask, because I love to take the stress away and create a timeline for you.

But if you are hands on deck and want to create your timeline then I am sure these small things will help you create your timeline for your special day