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What to wear to your engagement shoot

So, you got engaged, you booked your engagement shoot, but what now?!

What do we wear?

What will look good for photos?

Choosing your wardrobe does definitely have an effect on your final images.

That's why I want to share with you some tips when choosing your wardrobe for your shoot.


Tones and colors

Earthy and natural tones and colors work really well for photos. It gives a very natural & soft feel to the images.

A lot of bright and contrasting colors will give you a bright and contrasty look to the images. Neutral tones are soft flattering and romantic. Plus most photographers love natural tones so you would make your photographer very happy


Textures and patterns

Softer fabrics and textures like linens and lace are beautiful and gives a romantic feel to the images too.

Anything that's not shiny and has a matte look to it is amazing. We all love a beautiful pattern or a floral design on a dress right?? Patterns are beautiful but it can take away from an image if there are too much, so limit patterns to one and remember less is more



This kinda ties in with number two. Try to avoid logos only because it can be distracting to an image.

Rather go for something more plain and distracting to get those dreamy and romantic look to your images


Hair and make up

This is a chance to do your trial for your wedding day. Do your make up wear it for a day and see if you are happy with the feel of it and see how it looks on the images afterward. Often times the lip color was a bit too dark or the eyeshadow, when you get your make up trial done for your engagement shoot you will have enough time to see if anything needs to change on the day


Be yourself and wear something you feel comfortable in

This is the most important one. If that's dresses that's perfect because dresses gives movement and that is amazing for photos. Maybe you love jeans and a beautiful top with boots? Or oversized jerseys'? Remember, your engagement shoot is basically a shoot to get comfortable with your photographer for your wedding day. It should be relaxed and really just a fun experience. That's why in the end you should wear something you feel comfortable in and HOT so that it shows in the images.

Be yourself and enjoy the shoot, I promise you afterward you won't even remember that you felt stressed but instead you will feel warm and fussy inside!

Here is a few more colors that you can play with and put together for you shoot.

Now, stop reading and plan your wardrobe for your E - shoot and then go and have FUN!