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Why sunrise is the best time for your shoot on the beach

I have fallen in love with early morning sessions on the beach. Although its very early and its still dark out when I leave the house, its worth it every time!

Depending on the season sunrises can be anything from 5am in the morning which means waking up can get tricky. But then when its getting a bit colder sunrise times are a bit later which is awesome.

Not everyone are early risers, so here are a few reasons I think sunrise shoots are worth the alarm clock going off.

- The light is nice and soft

- When editing it gives beautiful and creamy skin tones.

- Its not as hot especially if you are choosing to do a beach shoot.

- You can make a pit stop and get a yummy Seattle coffee

- The beaches are nice and quiet

With all these in mind let me share with you Andrea & Tashlin's session on the beach a few weeks ago.