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Why you need to do an engagement shoot and how to nail it!

Getting engaged is such an exciting time and so special too!

You are starting to plan your dream wedding and doing an engagement shoot might be the last thing on your list, but it should be the first.

Here is why:

You get comfortable in front of the lens.

Of course you will have some jitters and feel awkward, and that's the whole point of doing an engagement shoot. You get the chance to get rid of those jitters and to practice a bit before your big day, because remember that on your wedding day you will spend more time with your photographer then anyone else so that on your wedding day we are more friends then anything else and i am just there with a camera in my hand.

You get comfortable with your photographer before your wedding

Doing an engagement shoot will not only help you relax, but also get the chance to know your photographer and how they work and what their style is about. You get the chance to create a connection and form a relationship that will in the end help the photographer to tell your story in a natural and authentic way.

You get the chance to adventure with your person and to be vulnerable together.

Doing a shoot together will not only show a different side of you both but you get to really know each other on a different level. Being close and in the moment and being vulnerable together knowing that you are going to spend your forever together is magical.

So now that you know why you should be doing an engagement shoot, lets talk about how to nail it!

Movement is key, so maybe you are wearing a dress and you can play with your dress, things like walking holding hands looking at each other and even running is great because it creates so much movement which is awesome for photographers.

Stay close together always! You will always hear me say come in nice and close, because that's what a photographer wants to see. they want to see the connection and the emotion. And lastly just have fun with the experience, enjoy the prompts and if it feels very awkward and silly just burst out in laughs and I promise you the images will be magical!