Sharing with you 10 wedding planning tips

Being in the wedding industry for a while now and having shot countless weddings I am sharing with you a few tips to help with your wedding planning process.

These might seem obvious and some might not be, but I am sharing these because I think they will help you in some way during your planning journey.

Not everyone works with a wedding planner, so this is helpful no matter what planning stage you are at.

The most important thing is that these will save you some stress so that you can actually enjoy your planning journey.

1 . Create a separate wedding email

Create a separate email for all your wedding admin. You are going to get emails from a lot of vendors and to ensure that things are organized and all in one place, having this separate email does just that. I would suggest you do this straight away, so you don't get overwhelmed and so you can also access any email you want because it's all in one place.

2 . Things you might forget on the wedding day

There might be a few things you won't think of and these things can always come in handy.

  • Bathroom basket for your guests
  • If you have any kids at your wedding - some children's wedding favors
  • Bridal emergency kit
  • Dress steamer

3 . Have clear signs

Make sure that there are clear signs people can follow to your ceremony area/reception.

Many times if you are already at the venue but having an outside ceremony, make sure to have signs so people can know where to go.

4. Confetti

Confetti exits are some of my favorite moments. You want your guests to use confetti that photographs well and that doesn't stick throughout the rest of the day. so many times

couples use tiny flower petals and then they end up in the hair and you struggle to get them out.

Rather go for something a bit bigger, maybe some rose petals or tissue paper confetti

5 . Tall flower arrangements?

Try and avoid tall flower arrangements on the tables. It gets very tricky to photograph and get clear shots without it being in the faces.

It might be personal preference but in the end, you want to see photos of your guests having a good time.

6 . Entertainment

The entertainment is what will make or break the reception. I always recommend having a good DJ think about your wedding playlist.

Incorporate your guests in everything. You want to have fun with all your friends and family.

Ever thought of having selfie sticks on your tables so guests can take some cool shots?

Get a photo booth, or incorporate a photo scramble after your mains with your guests. If your guests have fun they will always remember it.

7 . Be flexible

Prepare, prepare and prepare. Know that not everything will go as planned or exactly as you wanted.

Adapt and be flexible. You can't control everything on your wedding day. You maybe wanted a beautiful sunny day but then it rains?

The weather shouldn't determine the outcome of your wedding day. You still get to marry your best friend and celebrate with all your closest people. Ask your venue what backup

plan they have if it rains on your wedding day, especially if you plan to get married outside.

Knowing that there is a backup plan will make you feel at ease, also clear umbrellas are always a win!

8 . Decor and flowers

simple and minimal. Beautiful wedding tables with all the Pinterest vibes and stunning decor.

It looks beautiful, although I have seen that in the end, it's just that, flowers and decor. Maybe spend less on this and more on something your guests can enjoy and remember. The same goes for wedding favors. Not everyone will even remember to take it with them... Think of something small and something special.

Maybe a photo with an engraved pen thanking them. Think simple but practical.

9 . Pack an overnight bag

In your overnight bag, have another pair of comfortable shoes for the night. Pack a fleece or a beautiful jacket you can wear if the weather doesn't play along.

10 . Think diner table style rather than round tables

I think this is a personal preference, but I do feel that square tables or even the longer dinner-style tables photograph so much nicer than the round tables.

I think it makes the seating arrangements stress free too and you get a much more family-style vibe.

That's it, some of my 10 tips for your wedding planning journey. Hope you enjoyed the blog!

Happy planning and please share with someone else that you feel might enjoy this too.