Well hello there friend

You are engaged!!! Congratulations on this new exciting journey!
Not only will this guide help you, but it will make you even more excited.

I believe that an engagement shoot is not just something to tick off your list.

An engagement shoot is about celebrating this new chapter of life that you are in while capturing new memories for your wedding journey. My name is Cheney and I can't wait to meet you and capture your love!

Recent love stories

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Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
Amanzimtoti engagement shoot
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Amanzimtoti couples photographer

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Love Notes

“Thank you so much Cheney for an incredible shoot & the most perfect pictures! Thank you for making us shine through your lens & for being so well prepared and helpful. These pictures are phenomenal and show us who we are with each other to T!”

What to wear for your E-Shoot?

Neutral tones

Earthy tones and palettes work well in any situation or location. Simple colors, like black, blue, navy, tan, white, beige, or any other soft color. Remember when thinking about your outfit to look for colors that complement each other. Pinterest always gives amazing inspo

Wear what you feel most comfortable in

Wear something you feel comfortable in. If you choose an outfit you wouldn't normally wear, you may feel uncomfortable during the whole shoot. Think of the location you have in mind and choose something accordingly that will fit that vibe.

Avoid too many patterns & logos

For example, maybe you choose to wear something with a pattern on, and your fiance should then wear something plain to balance out the outfit. KISS means ( Keep It Simple Stupid)

Have fun

Don't stress too much about what you are going to wear. Keep it simple and choose an outfit that resembles you. You want to look back at your photos and be happy and know that what you are wearing is totally you!

Pricing & Packages


- 45 min session
- 50 to 70 images
- Receive images online to download
- 1 week turnaround time



- 1-hour session
- 70 to 100 images
-Receive images online to download
- 3 to 4 days turnaround time


What they say

“"Cheney did an engagement shoot with us & we've honestly never been so comfortable before. We're not great with posing for photos but by the end of the shoot, we were laughing and having so much fun. She is a true professional and her care and expertise gave us the most beautiful photos in such a short turnaround time."”

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