Dom & Kyla

Like most of 2020's brides, Kyla & Dom also had to postpone their wedding day due to Covid. They Postponed to almost a year later and got married at the lovely Hilton Bush Lodge.

They had an intimate wedding with mostly family and close friends witnessing them say their vows.

What is so nice about this venue is their chapel is open and it feels like you are in the bush.

Kyla made her own decor flower pots and Granny helped with the flowers.

They made a mean team and their decor was so beautiful with subtle touches of blush pinks.

We had so much fun during the bridal party photos we didn't even feel the cold in the air.

Even though Dom & Kyla had to wait almost a year for their perfect day, they ended up having their fairytale wedding and I am so happy I got the opportunity to capture it all for them.

Here are some frames of their day