I don't believe that every wedding should be the same. I think Covid made a lot of people realize that we don't always have to stick by traditions.

Although traditions are special, it's also important to personalize your wedding to you as a couple.

Plan your wedding to what you love. So what have I learned in the past 5 years?

I have learned that spending more on what you feel will serve you well long-term is a way how you can prioritize your wedding planning.

I have learned to be prepared in all cases. Think about fans in the summertime, think about backup plans with the crazy load-shedding stages.

Have clear umbrellas for the rain.

You can personalize your wedding with small details. Maybe you love coffee, you love brewing coffee together.

Think about getting a barista for an hour during the reception time.

If you are not a big cake person have cake pops with a Magnum Ice cream machine.

Invite people you actually want there. Don't feel as if you need to please everyone.

There are going to be times when all wedding planning is just going to feel like it's too much and overwhelm you. Take a deep breath and take a break and prioritize what is needed to be done first. Use your support of friends and family to help with planning, don't feel like you need to do everything on your own.

In all of the weddings I have shot no matter the decor the venue or the flowers, the most important thing is you get to marry your best friend and you get to celebrate the start of your marriage,

Remember to take it all in. Even during all the crazy wedding planning months and the quieter ones.

Everything is part of your wedding journey experience, and it's up to you how your experience will be